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Is Carvana a Good Website to Buy a Car?

First, what exactly is Carvana? What are its benefits and drawbacks? How do you buy a car from Carvana? This website claims to be a no-haggle marketplace for used cars. The cars on the website are competitively priced and are free of dealer fees and document fees. They also do not allow you to haggle over the trade-in value.

Carvana uses Carfax to track vehicle history and does not sell any vehicles that have been in accidents. In addition, the website offers a 100-day warranty and a seven-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. All cars sold on Carvana are reconditioned to look and drive like new, and you can expect a free oil change and Owner’s Manual if you buy a used car from them.

While many customer reviews mention the warranty and 7-day return period, there are some problems with this. One of the most significant problems is that Carvana does not allow customers to take the car for a test drive before purchasing. Carvana has a seven-day return policy, but you cannot test drive the vehicle prior to purchase. You must purchase the car before trying it out. You also may be faced with delayed delivery and missing keys.

Delivery fees: Carvana charges for delivery fees, which vary from $190 to $599. Customers in select areas can request free shipping. Shipping charges are fully refundable. The company does not provide dealership service, so you’ll have to go through a third-party repair shop if you need to exchange the vehicle. The money-back guarantee, however, is a positive point for Carvana.

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